For the majority of interviews, I much prefer text based. When I particularly enjoy some aspect of the interviewee or subject, I might prefer audio interviews.

Perhaps a hybrid might be best, with most text based with a few audio or video highlights thrown in.

Also, I am hearing of people complaining of "the worst flu" ever after getting vaccinated.

I wonder...

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I feel the amount of people doing high quality written interviews is much lower than the amount of people doing high quality audio interviews. I feel like I get more out of the written interviews than audio ones too. Allows me as a reader to actually follow what they are saying. I prefer written.

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I like the idea of giving the interviewee a general sense of what they can expect in the interview before hand. This should allow them enough time to get their thoughts in order along with any research or other sources they may want to refer too. I think the alpha in share-ability and listening to audio at 1.5x speed is just too significant to miss.

I also appreciate your written interviews for the level of depth your interviewees tend to reach that I haven't seen in other podcast appearances they may have made. So a compromise here could be to record the written interview later, either with the guest or somebody else playing the guest's POV(weird, I know).

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